Let Lamborghini Denver Help Get Your Lamborghini Urus Ready for Winter

November 8th, 2022 by

Get Your Lamborghini Urus Ready for Winter - Lamborghini Denver in Highlands Ranch, CO

Trust Lamborghini Denver to Get Your Urus Ready for Winter

Your high-end Lamborghini demands a dedicated level of knowledge and the right set of resources used on it to ensure peak operation and longevity as we approach the colder weather of the winter season. This is why you can trust the excellent service technicians at Lamborghini Denver in Highlands Ranch, CO, to help keep your Lamborghini Urus running great. Not only have they been given the training to work on Lamborghini models like the Urus, but they also have access to our well-stocked Parts Department for quality OEM parts. With the increased demand that cold weather will have on your premier SUV, you can have the confidence it is ready for the conditions you are about to handle. 

Winter-Related Services to Consider

Tire Evaluation / Replacement – Even with the impeccable handling on your Lamborghini Urus, an old or heavily worn-down set of tires will make it difficult to properly traverse snow-covered roads around the Denver Metro region. If you are concerned about the current status of your tires going into winter, let our technicians check them out for you! They will measure the tread depth and evaluate the status of your tires to see if they will be safe to ride on. If they determine you could benefit from a new set of tires, we will be happy to offer suggestions for options including special winter tires. 

Battery Test / Replacement – Another component of your Urus that will be taking increased strain from the cold weather is your battery. From the increased demand for energy from inside the cabin to the more difficult starting up in cold weather, your battery is going to be subjected to a heavier workload. As such, our technicians will be happy to test your battery for performance and also check it for damage or corrosion. Should your battery need to be replaced, you can count on us to provide your SUV with a replacement that will help keep performance at its maximum.

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