Let Lamborghini Denver Work on Your Lamborghini During the Cold Weather Months

October 16th, 2023 by

Lamborghini Service Center


Trusted Lamborghini Service All Year Round at Lamborghini Denver

Whether you need your Aventador prepared for storage during the cold months of the year, or you need to get your Urus ready to confidently navigate the late season Colorado months, you can trust the Lamborghini Denver Service Center to make sure your vehicle is functioning at its peak. Just like you chose us for your routine maintenance and repairing needs through the warmer parts of the year, we want you to make sure you take care of your Lamborghini during the chilliest seasons. Schedule an appointment with us today either by requesting a time on our website, or by calling us at (303) 470-7010 to speak with a Service Center staff member directly. 

The Importance of Servicing Late in the Year 

Preparing for Storage – This is the time of the year when you will be considering storing your elite supercar such as an Aventador or Huracán for the winter. To make sure the storage process doesn’t cause any issues to your vehicle when it is ready to bring back out in the spring, let our Service Center technicians go through and winterize your vehicle for you. We are also happy to offer suggestions as to what you should do at home to further accentuate the process. 

Getting Your Urus SUV Ready for Cold Weather – If you own a Lamborghini Urus, chances are you are looking to help get it ready for the colder weather and less-than-ideal driving conditions that winter is looking to offer us in Colorado. As such, our team is happy to make sure your elite family cruiser is equipped to provide confident handling. This includes providing you with a great set of winter tires if you haven’t had them installed before. We will also be happy to make sure your vehicle’s oil, battery, and other vital fluids are ready for the more intense conditions it will be subjected to.