Lamborghini Revuelto / Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Lamborghini Revuelto Compared to the Ferrari SF90 Stradale

2024 Lamborghini Revuelto Compared to the 2024 Ferrari SF90 Stradale 

Hybrid performance has never been so enjoyable as when it is powering an elite supercar like the 2024 Lamborghini Revuelto. Hybrid supercars like the Revuelto and the 2024 Ferrari SF90 Stradale bring high-end performance to innovative hybrid vehicles. The Lamborghini offers even more performance from its superior hybrid powertrain, while both vehicles also deliver comprehensive interior features that are synonymous with their respective brands. The result is a magnificent experience that makes driving a supercar even more unique.  


  • The Hybrid Powertrain of the Lamborghini Outperforms the Ferrari 
  • Both the Lamborghini and the Ferrari Offer Impressive AWD Handling 

Combining a gas-powered 6.5L V12 engine with three electric motors, the Revuelto offers a combined 1001 horsepower. This means every press of the gas pedal results in unbelievable surges of acceleration that rival the most extreme conventional gas-powered supercars. In the Ferrari, a V8 engine is accompanied by three electric motors. The result is a combined 986 horsepower. While impressive, this still pales in comparison to the Lamborghini. Another unique element of both vehicles is the fact they are both functionally AWD. This allows them to be more versatile on a variety of Colorado driving surfaces and throughout multiple seasons.  

Interior Features 

  • The Revuelto is Designed to Be Futuristic; the SF90 Stradale is More Simplified Luxury 
  • Plenty of High-End Features Found in Both Vehicles for Comfort and Infotainment 

Immense performance isn’t the only thing going for the Lamborghini or the Ferrari when it comes to delivering a superior cruising experience in Colorado. Both have cabins that are meant to inspire different feelings from their occupants. The Revuelto has plenty of futuristic design elements integrated, while the Ferrari feels more like a traditional supercar. Both cabins are equipped with numerous coveted amenities to elevate any ride. While both vehicles offer Apple CarPlay as a smartphone connection option, the Lamborghini also comes with Android Auto. This allows more customers to seamlessly connect their devices to the infotainment system in the Lamborghini.  

Safety Features 

  • With AWD, These Supercars are Superior in Any Colorado Driving Environment  
  • The Revuelto Offers Standard Driver-Assistance Features That are Optional in the Ferrari 

Imagine having a supercar that is versatile in the variety of driving conditions it can confidently handle. With both the Revuelto and the SF90 Stradale, their respective AWD platforms deliver the consistent handling performance drivers need to get around Colorado throughout the year. Another unique element of the Lamborghini compared to the Ferrari is the standard driver-assistance features it comes with. These include both Automatic Emergency Braking and Lane Departure Warning for more reliable city driving.

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  Lamborghini Revuelto  Ferrari SF90 Stradale 
Base MSRP  $608,358  $524,814 
Horsepower  1001 HP  986 HP 
City Estimated MPGe:  TBA  TBA 
Highway Estimated MPGe:                 TBA  TBA 


 (Photo Credit: Lamborghini / Ferrari)